What Makes SANAInsure A Perfect Option To Buy Health Insurance Plans?

SANA.Insure is a licensed general insurance broking company and a digital platform specializing in health insurance — for comparing, selecting, and purchasing health insurance plans — that extends to service with a personal touch.

The company was founded in May 2019 and licensed by IRDA as a Direct General Broking firm in October 2019. We launched our online portal, sana.insure in July 2020 with 5 insurance firms, and in just 6 months, that number has increased to 14 general and health insurance companies, with more online tie-ups in the pipeline.

What makes SANA.INSURE a perfect option to buy health insurance plans from?

  • Specialization in Health Insurance:
  • Extensive Products Listing: SANA.Insure has over 100 products to choose from, offered by 14 insurers, spanning across categories such as individual health plans, family floater options, maternity benefit plans, critical illness schemes, and senior citizen plans. The website has been designed so as to make the overall experience of selecting and viewing products more convenient for the buyer. We seek very basic information to begin with, that allows you to view product listing based on the chosen category.
  • Informative and Transparent: Our research and experience tell us that buyers are apprehensive about the fine-print and complicated clauses in the policy terms and conditions, which often run into a few tens of pages! However, it is important to be fully aware of these particulars, so as not to experience any roadblocks in future, when it comes to eligibility related to seeking medical attention, or even during claims submission. Hence, we have meticulously built our proprietary database called “SANABase”, which captures these elaborate terms and conditions into 175 standard parameters and displays them on our website in a simple and easy comparison chart.
  • Multiple Products Comparison: Buyers can easily select and compare up to 3 different plans on sana.insure, and view the comparison chart across each important product feature, benefits, add-ons, terms, and other factors. This is where SANABase becomes useful — the tabulated information is displayed not just with basic features, but also includes the fine-print clause items.
  • Seamless purchasing mechanism: Upon selecting a health insurance plan that best suits your needs, and answering some basic yet critical questions regarding your present and past health and lifestyle choices, you will be directed to a safe and simple payment stage, wherein you can purchase your plan online itself, and get your policy document immediately (for non-medical cases)
  • Internet Security Protocols: SANA.Insure follows strict data security protocols, which protect your personal information and payment details from any form of misuse or leakage. The website has a valid SSL certification and has been approved by the regulatory authority for conducting online sales of health insurance.
  • Customer-Centric: SANA.Insure is buyer-focused. Our product suggestions are driven purely by customer information and not by insurer preference. We advise plans based on the buyer’s requirement, thereby making these suggestions information-oriented, objective, and unbiased.
  • 24*7 Customer Service: We have launched an intelligent chat platform called SANAbot, which is available to customers via WhatsApp 24*7 for their convenience. Our experienced team of Health Insurance Advisors can be contacted for personal engagement and help to better understand policy specifics and other terms.
  • Hand Holding for Claims Management: SANA.Insure is a digital health insurance company that goes the extra mile — our services extend beyond comfortable online purchase of health insurance. Our Personal Relationship Managers also assist you with claims submitted to the insurer for prompt and hassle-free processing for reimbursement. Buyers need not go through the drill of trying to contact insurers for claims settlement; SANA.Insure directly deals with the insurance companies for faster results.
  • Value-Added Services:
  • We have built a smart rules-engine called SANAliser on our database SANABase, which is capable of flagging off distinct features that are desirable/good in the chosen plan, as well as those that are unfavorable, which the customer needs to be mindful of. This will help buyers make a more informed choice
  • Our tech team is also building a recommendation engine, SRE, built around SANABase and SANAliser, which can shortlist the most appropriate plans for buyers in order of priority, by considering particular needs and customer details
  • SANA.Insure is soon going to launch a free health plan check-up service called SANACheck, which is going to analyze existing policies of customers, and highlight the pros and cons of the plans in line with customer expectations
  • Organization Values: SANA.Insure’s values are Integrity, Care, and Expertise. We strongly follow ethical business practices comparable to international standards. Our motto is “Service with Care”. Our team of Subject Matter Experts ensures that we continuously improve our systems and processes, for customer delight.
  • Strong Leadership: SANA.Insure’s core team of highly experienced professionals across various industries such as life insurance, health insurance, information technology and e-commerce bring strong knowledge, governance and agility to the organization
  • Awards: SANA.Insure has been recognized as one of “10 Best Insurance Start-ups in India in 2020” by Silicon India StartUpCity, in December, 2020, as an innovative InsureTech company

We invite you to visit our health insurance portal, sana.insure for quick, impartial, simple, and easy access to comparative information across various health policies available in India, best suited to your needs. Our Sana Expert can help guide you along the way in choosing the right plan.

Wish you a healthy and happy life!

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