One of the most convenient and cost-effective means of buying Health Insurance is visiting web portals of insurance brokers, who are licensed to provide product comparisons and advice, based on customer needs. At SANA.INSURE, we always try to think a step ahead. We have deployed path-breaking technology, replete with composite algorithms and superior search engines, to create robust web- and mobile-based platforms for the convenience of health insurance seekers, such as yourself.

A distinctive and innovative feature on is that we offer full-fledged information on all products in a compact and easy-to-view format. Our search engines are built to process complex information within seconds and display it in a manner easily understood by the common man, who is often unaware or wary of complicated financial terminologies and insurance nomenclatures. We believe in transparency and impartiality, so the information provided to you is objective and exhaustive, yet easy to understand. You will get to view any and every feature of a health insurance product or set of products, including the terms and conditions and fine print, often missed out by many.

The procedure to purchase health insurance plans on is as simple as it gets:

1) Log on to

2) Select Insured Members (Self, family members)

3) Enter the gender and age

4) Select Plan Type (whether base or top-up)

5) Key in Sum Insured amount (just the basic figure, for example, for 5 Lacs)

6) Enter Pincode


You will be presented with a comprehensive overview of all policies that fit your needs, and, upon selecting anyone you can view the complete list of policy features, including Key Features, Waiting Period, Hospitalization Coverages, Renewal Benefits, Maternity Benefits, and many others. What more; you can select up to 3 different products to view the comparison sheet for all the features against all 3 products. Upon clicking " Buy Policy" you can proceed with filling in some additional information about yourself and end with making the payment online.

Should you have any queries or doubts along the way, you can continue a meaningful conversation on a real-time basis with our SANA EXPERT over WhatsApp. This is a super-intelligent chat option for answers to all your health insurance-related questions.

We invite you to visit our health insurance portal, for quick, unbiased, simple, and easy access to comparative information on various health policies available in India, suited to your needs.

Wish you a healthy and happy life!